Newcomer to the Umbrella Blog Tony Sharp who produces the excellent blog “The Waendal Journal” from neighbouring Wellingborough has thrown his hat in the ring in favour of Fixed Term Parliaments upon which I blogged on the 8th. October last, putting the contrary point of view.

In the interests of balance in this debate you will find his post on the issue here. Readers may hopefully make up their minds in the light of them which they support.

I remain unpersuaded, even in the light Gordon Brown’s abuse of the power to call an election at any time, or rather of his attempted abuse. I would add this: he seems to be paying a price in the polls for trying to take advantage of the power at a time when few people in the country at large could see, given his secure majority and the fact that only half this Parliament had elapsed, why we needed to have an election. That surely will be a salutary lesson to all who would abuse the power in future.

I remain convinced that the national interest may one day only be met by having flexibility in the system which cannot be provided at a stroke if we move to fixed-term Parliaments.