Spinning Jennys everywhere were already hard at it, whirring with the new myth: Gordon is Innocent, OK? Everywhere Gordon’s friends and apologists were abroad, carefully wiping every surface so as to efface his fingerprints therefrom: then, suddenly, each turned and looked up into the all-seeing eye of the CCTV. Gotcha!

To the surprise of no one, the so-called ‘Young Turks’ were being lined up to take the fall for the ruthless stripping bare of Brown’s character that was forced on him this weekend: it was possible to detect an underlying enthusiasm in some quarters for a short trial followed by a lonely walk to a large stake set in the yard, a last cigarette and a blindfold.

That was the case until Brown did his press Conference this afternoon when he appeared to front up and take full responsibility ‘personally’ for the fiasco that had taken place. The only problem with this ‘mea culpa’ was that he proceeded to compound his cowardice with yet more dishonesty by claiming that the negative polls had absolutely nothing to do with his decision not to have an election and everything to do with his statesmanlike view that we, the public, should have lots more time to see how wonderful he and his party are, at which point the people would be allowed a collective swoon and to return him forthwith to The Kremlin Ten Downing Street.

Mind you, if you are so inclined, do a tour of the Labour-Left blogosphere and you might well think that there had been no crime at all, let alone one in which Brown had taken part as Master Blagger. I have taken a tour around the top 25 of Iain Dale’s Top 100 Left Wing Bloggers (HERE for the full list) with a view to discovering how the AgitProp wing of the Blogsphere is coping with the self-trashing of Our Beloved Leader. And fascinating it is too. The silence is simply deafening, with almost none of them acknowledging that anything has happened at all, let alone trying to put a brave face on it.

In no particular order, here is a sample of what I have found.

Luke’s Blog has a thriller on nominations for Labour candidates for Walthamstow. And then a very circumspect:

“Not calling an election was the correct decision. But let’s not lose the huge amount of organisational momentum that’s been gained in the last few weeks.”

No names. No pack drill.

Paul Linford, one of the better Labour-leaners, excoriates in his piece.

Tom Watson MP, another of the better thought of Labour bloggers has no more than a recycled story about Cameron from the Mirror, which everyone has now forgotten and a bit about a bet he has had to cough up to Dizzy Thinks.

Fair Deal Phil has a local story about skips, which is only relevant in that such might be a good place for Gordon’s reputation. Other than that ‘Bottler’ Brown might be just the town drunk for all he cares.

Recess Monkey had, until 1325 hours today, only a delightful piece which will remind all of why these people are so awful:

The possibility probability certainty of a 1st November election means that party activists are facing up to the fact that they are going to be sharing the cold, dark, wet streets with Trick or Treaters.

I am suggesting to Labour HQ that they stock up on Maggie Thatcher masks for canvassers to get them into the spirit of things. It’s just a pity we can’t have activists redistributing the wealth (sweets) to people on the doorstep.

Now there is a short piece which is very downbeat.

Kerron Cross
had a longish piece on Sunday about the debacle but this has now been overtaken by a thrilling piece about some Liberal ‘Democrats’ being told off concerning some misleading leaflets (though why that is thought to be newsworthy, I cannot guess)

had a piece yesterday which attracted one or two supportive comments but most of it was vitriol-thrower stuff which suggests that Labour supporters are not Happy Campers today.

The Skipper has a long piece (here) and these are his conclusions:

The worst ramifications of this defeat may not survive the new year but Gordon may have sustained a crippling hit:

i) he has lost, temporarily at least his reputation for strength which so boosted his ratings compared with Cameron.

ii) Cameron has leapt in with confident sounding certainties. They are based mostly on supposition of course but every opposition has to have ready and waiting to unroll and he has done so adroitly.

iii) Brown has lost his reputation for being decisive and for getting things right.

iv) He tried to blame his advisers- Balls and Miliband were the most gung ho for the plan- but everyone knows he deliberately let talk of an election continue until it seemed imminent. It was his call and he must take the blame he could not bring himself to admit to Andrew Marr this morning.

v) Having declined to fight George Robertson in 1978, to stand for the party leadership in 1992 and take on Blair in 1994, Brown’s reputation for ‘bottling it’ has been possibly sealed for ever.

v) the next election is nor definitely off for spring 2008 and we must wait for the long haul in 2009, or even later if, as we are told is likely to happen, things go pear-shaped with the economy.

vi)The Tories already have posted leads in a number of newspapers, much to the glee of the right-wing press. It’ll be while before they change and will help Cameron immensely as he ploughs his ‘liberal Tory’ furrow.

vii)instead of ‘finishing off’ Cameron’s project, he has reinvigorated it mightily and handed the political initiative to the Opposition until such uncertain time it can be wrested back.

Again, not a Happy Camper, though a more recent post shows a bit of rowing back.

For the rest of that Top 25, it might never have happened.

So, unscientific as this is, what can one say? I do not normally linger in the AgitProp end of the blogsphere as it tends to be deathly dull, all that stuff about Marxism and redistribution and whatnot. My couple of hours today has done nothing to dispel a feeling that the Left has really missed a trick here with blogging and lacks the sort of breadth that the right has. If I was to do a similar trawl around the top of the Right’s efforts, I am confident that, whilst I might not agree with it all, it would at least be a significantly better read: where else could you find a pithy comment in Latin on Brown’s forthcoming ‘Get me out of Jail!’ plea on Iraq as here?

The immediate message is very clear though: the silence bespeaks of acute embarrassment at the events which unfolded over the weekend, so bad that they cannot begin to find words to begin to spin them away. Secondly those who do comment are pretty well universal in their condemnation of the way it has all be handled and generally resigned to this being the start of a singularly bad period for Labour. We should note the demoralisation and feed it as much as we can.