Comrade Bob Mugabe is a blood-thirsty tyrant, but the EuroNabobery have chosen political expediency and a good lunch rather than endure a boycott of other African nations if this criminal is not invited to December’s EU-Africa summit in Lisbon. Mugabe’s record of genocide and a plethora of crimes against humanity troubles them not one whit.

The Guardian reports here on this shameful invitation which will send out quite the wrong message to any would-be dictator: it matters not what you do, when the chips are down all you have to do is make a fuss with your African brethren and the EU will get down and crawl on its belly in its haste to welcome you to their halls.

Notwithstanding the existence of a travel ban on Mugabe and his kleptocrat henchmen, he will still be allowed to come because other African leaders have threatened that, if the ban is actually enforced, they will not come either, out of solidarity with their chum whom they so admire or rather whose racist policies they so admire and would like to impose themselves.

What is so striking about this matter is that we are always being told that one of the great achievements of the EU is its role all over the world as a force for peace, goodwill and mother’s apple pie. That the USA and NATO might have had a role to play in the peace thingy is shoved under the carpet, of course, but when it comes to Africa, it is not peace and goodwill they have in mind but just how low they can make obeisance to its leaders who are not prepared to countenance any criticism of one of their own and who want to deter any similar sanctions being imposed on one of their number in future.

The other striking thing about this shameful state of affairs is that Gordon Brown, Blair, Cameron, Campbell and the ranks of Rampant Europhiles are always banging on about how much influence we will have if we would only demonstrate how the UK is at the heart of the EU, influencing its decisions.

What a lot of poppycock! Brown flagged his intention to duck the summit if Mugabe comes on the assumption that that would persuade his Euro chums to bin Bob’s invite there and then. Not a bit of it: Comrade Bob shall come to the ball after all. So much for all that influence we are supposed to have. In truth we have none.

Even worse, Brown has been angling for the appointment of a special EU envoy to Zimbabwe. This idea has already gone down like a lead balloon. Again, zero influence.

So, anxious not to be seen to snub anyone, but more importantly not to risk losing trade to the likes of the Chinese or the Russians, The Portuguese, who know a thing or two about how to run colonies in Africa, will ensure that Comrade Bob will be there, you may be sure, and while he is there he will make absolutely certain he gets to be photographed with every last one of his genial and well-fed hosts so that he can flash his holiday snaps around to his starving populace: “Complain all you want”, will be the message, “it will do you no good, for I have friends in high places”.

Meanwhile Mugabe should also be able to fit in a quick visit to his Bank manager in Zurich when the summit is done and dusted.