That got them rocking in their seats, did it not? A referendum every time that it is proposed to transfer any new ‘competence’ from the Sovereignty of the UK to the European Union is the Conservative’s promise. Well, fancy that! We can now rejoice! Wunderbar! Mamma Mia! Cosa Maravillosa! Sapristi! By Jingo!

Do not get too excited, for this idea has flaws in it like the holes in a piece of gruyère.

In the first place, if this present Constitution Mark II is ratified as The Town Rat Catcher proposes, that is without your say-so or mine, then the EuroNabobery will have the Crown Jewels anyway.

One of the features of this piece of legalized nation-blagging is that the EU will have the ability to make all sorts of amendments to the Constitution, including the abolition of vetoes, without having to bother with the inconvenience of getting everyone’s consent to anything so tricky as a new Treaty. To be reminded that this is so, you should go to my esteemed colleague at England Expects for a brief exposition of the EU ratchet racket. No Treaty to ratify, No referendum, Mr. Hague.

Besides, do you imagine for a moment that the EuroNabobery will call any further transfer of sovereignty a ‘transfer of competence’ in future? Of course not. If we legislate that in the case of any future transfer of competence a referendum must be called, the last thing it will be called is a ‘transfer of competence’. They would as soon call it a ‘whisking of melted marshmallows’ as call it that. Pigs might wing their way over an Independent Flanders before they call it a ‘transfer of competence’ ever again. No ‘transfer of competence’, no referendum, Mr. Hague.

A Conservative Government may change the European Communities Act 1972 to try and force a referendum every time such a thing is proposed. The problem with that is that what Parliament giveth, Parliament can take away. A future government with a majority can get the amendments removed, there being no such thing in UK law as ‘entrenched legislation’, by which I mean laws which may only be amended if, for example, 75% of Parliament votes for it, such being wholly unknown in our law. No Amendments, no referendum Mr. Hague.

Agreed that it might be politically impossible to remove the amendments once they are there, but, as Gordon Brown has shown over his promise to hold a referendum that he is now, with great dishonour, breaking, he and his kind are simply not in the least bit embarrassed by doing such things, but will ruthlessly do it whilst coming up with some lying excuse as to why it is (a) necessary (b) will be greatly to the benefit of British interests. No shame, no referendum, Mr. Hague.

Finally, the EU will not take this lying down. The prospect of the whole EU, nay the whole of Le Grand Projet being held to ransom by a UK Referendum every time they want to go out a-thieving will make them have a real Wobbler. Imagine everything they try to do by way of nation-blagging being subject to the say-so of those unreliable Brits who are so inexplicably lacking in Communautaire spirit. That won’t do at all, so every device will be deployed to ensure it does not happen. Instead any last vestige of a veto over new developments will be stripped away as soon as you can say: “Bob’s Your Uncle!” and the EuroNabobs will sail off into the sunset of British Independence. No power, no referendum, Mr. Hague.

Easy when you know how, isn’t it?