Meandering round the newspapers of a morning, I sometimes get struck by the reappearance of a story that first surfaced ages ago but is now resurrected from the bottom of the chest, to be dusted off and burnished anew and set out on the display shelves with a ‘Just In’ sign attached.

Thus today with this story today from the Telegraph which had a certain familiarity, for I had blogged on it in May (it was one of the first I did and provoked a lot of vitriol throwing from the English Parliament lobby) and had picked it up from the Daily Mail.

I confess to wondering what has happened to the story in the meantime. Where has it been hiding? Is it evidence that on or about 15th. May 2007 James Chapman of the Mail had lunch with Sir Malcolm Rifkind and that on or about 1st. October 2007 Alan Cochrane had dinner with Sir Malcolm Rifkind?

I think we should be told.

Meanwhile, I reckon that it is the neatest of solutions yet proposed and so consonant with our constitutional tradition and facility for evolution not revolution, that I hope to see it in the Manifesto forthwith.