As yet more talk of an early election swirls around in the press and on the airwaves, I have a couple of questions, one which I hope may be seen as non-partisan and another which is meant to be fiercely partisan.

The first is this: the law provides that a UK Parliament can run for up to five years so that notionally this Parliament might last until the spring of 2010. If The Town Rat Catcher calls a general election for this autumn, is not the public entitled to know from him why we are being put to the expense of an election when Labour still has a secure majority in the House of Commons, when there is no overwhelming political crisis which might only satisfactorily be resolved by an election and when we are less than half way through the life of this Parliament?

This question might be thought to be even more pertinent given that there are important matters which require the full attention of Ministers to which inadequate attention will inevitably be given as Labour campaigns for another ten years in office (which is what the Unctuous Little Squirt David Milliband is planning, with, no doubt, a careful eye on the feathering of his own little political nest): for example the question of whether our Nation will be handed over, lock, stock and barrel to the control of the EU which will be played out in the period running up to the middle of October. Can Brown, Milliband, Murphy really give their proper attention to the fate of the UK’s independence whilst campaigning in a hard-fought general Election? Can Brown and Darling keep their eye on the ball of a major banking crisis if one were to irrupt at a moment when opinion polls show things to be at nip and tuck stage? Could Hilary Benn really be relied on to give of his all in the cause of a farming and rural community beset with the twin scourges of foot & mouth disease and bluetongue?

Most people will, surely, wonder why we need an election at the moment other than to suit the narrow political interests of the Scots Junta.

My second question is directed at Messrs. Bercow and Mercer, Conservative MPs who have lately agreed to act as advisers to Gordon Brown. How, pray, do they propose to attack their Master in an election campaign when they have, by their acceptance of positions as his advisers, demonstrated their approbation of him and keep a straight face at the same time?