The position of the Netherlands vis-à-vis holding a Referendum on the new Constitutional Treaty is now clear. It will be recalled that the good Hollanders, once considered by the EuroNabobery to be utterly reliable when it came to matters European, saved Vanity Blair’s bacon by resoundingly kicking Constitution Mark I not just into touch but out of the stadium, by the stunning margin of 65-35% back in 2005.

This momentarily gave all those of us who hate the whole rotten enterprise that is the EU a sense of elation: for if the Dutch, who knew only too well what it had been to suck on the hind teat of the Euro Cow, could turn so strongly against it, what might be achieved here?

Unfortunately that very same thought occurred pretty promptly to Blair who promptly cancelled our referendum lest we might be so bold as to express so hearty a dislike for Le Grand Projet that it might raise the whole principle of our membership of this 1950s behemoth all over again. And that was something Blair did not fancy having to explain to the EuroNabobery who rely so heavily on the loot they can squeeze out of the UK to fund all manner of things, from Greek farmers who manage to raise 2000 goats on one hectare of land. to redundant but eye-wateringly expensive vanity satellite systems such as the Galileo GPS system, to keeping Strasbourg Restaurateurs afloat on a sea of choucroute when the EU Parliamentary Circus comes to town.

Given the size of the majority against the Constitution in the Netherlands, most people of democratic persuasion could be forgiven for thinking that before a Treaty that is, by common consent, a dead ringer for the one rejected in 2005, could be ratified by the Tweede Kamer der Staten-Generaal, the Netherlands House of Commons, it behoved the Dutch political elite to check what the clearly expressed will of its people was on the topic, to see if perhaps they might have, in the meantime, changed their regrettably mistaken minds.

Alas, the Dutch people have had their chance to say ‘no’ and Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende, who was doubtless unwilling to repeat the working over he must have received from the EuroNabobery after the first referendum sank their schemes so spectacularly, has concluded that the Brown approach to democracy is the one he favours most and has become an adherent of the ‘this document is quite different’ class of political liars whose mendacity so besmirches public life today. So, Mr. Balkenende has decided, the Dutch Parliament will, in its infinite wisdom, take the decision on behalf of the Dutch people who so obviously made a terrible mistake in 2005 and cannot therefore be trusted to arrive at the right answer second time around. This anti-democratic decision has now been approved by the Dutch Cabinet,

I am not one for praising Socialists but on this occasion I can do no more than cite with approbation the Dutch Socialist Party’s decision to submit a motion for a referendum anyway, notwithstanding that it is likely to be defeated, and their observation that the government’s decision not to have a referendum amounted to a “vote of no confidence in Dutch citizens”.

It will be remembered that France also stunned the EuroNabobery in 2005 by voting ‘Non’ in their referendum, a decision that represented a glimpse of Armageddon for all of Europe’s pro-EU political elite, a glimpse so terrifying that some must still awaken in the night with a cold sweat at the mere thought that Chirac could have so blundered as to allow the people to have a say in the first place. Sarkozy, the new French President, is not so stupid. Riding the crest of a substantial electoral wave, he sees no need to trouble the French people again with having to make their minds up a second time. They too will not be allowed to make a second mistake and so he has taken the decision for them. France will have no second referendum: after all, it would look so bad if the one half of the double-act of the Franco-German racket that is the EU killed the goose that laid the golden egg. Besides, any French President knows better than the people what is good for them, so why bother.

The willingness of the European Political elite to ignore not merely the wishes of their peoples but also their right to express such wishes demonstrates that when, in the draft preamble to Constitution Mark II they confirmed their attachment to the principles of democracy and that they wished to deepen the democratic and transparent nature of the public life of the EU, when in Draft Article 2 they speak of respect for democracy, when in Draft Article 8-A they speak of every citizen having the right to take part in the political life of the EU and of decisions being taken as openly and closely as possible to the citizen, they were, to a man, lying through their teeth.

I have a little four word phrase for these anti-democrats to ponder this morning, to savour and roll around the tongue at as they trample over our rights so blithely.

It is: The Boston Tea Party.

UPDATE: the fate of a referendum now lies in the hands of the Tweede Kamer which may yet decide to buck the Cabinet’s Diktat. It remains to be seen if Dutch MPs will act with the courage of some of their forebears or succumb as their Leaders have to the base level of horse-trading their nation for some temporary political advantage. We shall see