I would like to add my two ha’pporth to Iain Dale’s observations concerning Tim Ireland and Craig Murray and the less than subtle attempt to silence them made by a foreign johnny who pretends to ownership of a public company in the UK.

If what is said of this individual is correct (and Craig Murray is in a position to know) then there is a properly arguable case that he is not a fit and proper person to own and direct a public limited company.

If the items which seem to have offended this man are defamatory, then let the individual concerned issue proceedings. Then let us see (1) if he can persuade one of Her Majesty’s Judges to issue an injunction and (2) if he can also persuade a Jury that the material was indeed defamatory and thus merits the award of meaningful damages.

If not, back off.

I cannot improve on Iain’s offering and therefore I add this link:

Iain Dale’s Diary: In Support of Tim Ireland and Craig Murray

I urge any fellow bloggers that pass by to do the same.