The Town Rat Catcher, having rediscovered his sense of propriety in saying that if Comrade Bob goes to the EU Africa Ball at Lisbon this December he will not, now finds that his EU chums think that the Ball should go ahead without him and that getting Comrade Bob and the rest of the continent’s kleptocrats to pitch up is far more important than getting the Prime Minister to attend or, for that matter, sending the message that those guilty of the international crimes of genocide, torture, persecution, murder and so on are wholly unwelcome at such jollies.

The EU is routinely sold to us on the basis that, by being in, we have far greater influence than we could ever aspire to by being out in the cold.

Perhaps those who peddle this nonsense would care to explain how Brown’s influence could be limper than being totally ignored as is the case here.

Of course the FCO is already briefing on how some wiggle room might be found to allow Brown to go to the Ball after all.

Comrade Bob will find he has an altogether more important engagement (attending a Torturer’s Convention, say) that he forgot to put in his diary and another of his fellow criminals will go in his stead: this will probably be Mugabe’s foreign minister, Comrade Simbarashe Mumbengegwi, who, as a member of Comrade Bob’s cabinet, is equally liable for prosecution as someone in a position of superior authority for grave offences against international humanitarian criminal law. The Town Rat Catcher and the FCO will conveniently ignore the niceties so that he too can go to the Ball.

So much for occupying the moral high ground.

But even these tortuous (if that is the right word in this context) and utterly dishonest convolutions by the FCO look set to fail as Comrade Bob knows only too well how to insert his fingers up the UK’s nostrils: Cinders will, after all, go to the ball, if only to make Brown and the FCO look particularly lacking in influence at the EU Table and, frankly, utterly impotent.

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