Gordon Brown is much exercised today about the appalling Robert Mugabe and the shameful possibility that this particularly nasty Dictator might turn up at an EU jolly this autumn. He is right to take such a stand, but it is a matter of note that many in his party were thrown into several bouts of positively Onanistic bliss when this man was first elected and now remain utterly silent as he practices genocide, torture and other crimes against humanity against his own people.

It is also a matter of note that he is regularly lionised by other African leaders who think he is the bee’s knees and whose policies they would dearly love to emulate had they the balls to do so. Their shame is unlimited and we should note carefully who they are when deciding on matters of International Aid.

Looking at the Conservative Conference agenda, I am pleased to see no mention of the awful Paul Kagame as a guest. I hope that I may have contributed in some way by my earlier posts on this unfortunate invitation: here and here.

I emailed William Hague about this man at the time and have still had no reply. This grave discourtesy has been duly noted. I expected better from him, but, given that he seems to be so busy, within and without politics, I should not be surprised.