I confess to being taken totally by surprise by the following post by Iain Dale. Having only whetted my cyber quill for the first time in May of this year, I am very much at the short trousers stage as a blogger and am acutely conscious of my periodic descent into rank amateurism.

To have caught the eye of one of the UK’s best bloggers is a considerable honour and to find oneself in the company of the likes of John Redwood, the Cornerstone Group and Platform 10 has more than made up for England’s abysmal performance this evening against Die Bokke (0-36: boy were they awful!).

I thank Iain for the kind and substantial compliment that he has paid me which is very much appreciated and valued.

I had noticed on my stat counter a bunch of traffic from Iain’s site which made me sit up. So, to all newcomers to my modest garret in the Great Forest of Rockingham, which once stretched from Northampton to Stamford, welcome.

I feel a little spring clean coming on…..and the Trufflehound and I will both hover about 6 inches off the floor to, respectively, basket and bed tonight!

Guide to Blogging 2007: Top Ten Newcomers

As you know, the GUIDE TO POLITICAL BLOGGING 2007 is being published on 24 September. Featured among the 288 pages are a myriad of blog lists.

Today we have the TOP TEN NEWCOMERS – i.e. blogs which have appeared on the political blogosphere within the last twelve months.

Coming soon – the Top 20 Scottish Blogs, Welsh Blogs, Irish Blogs and Green Blogs…

1. Platform 10 (Con)
2. Conor Ryan (Lab)
3. Matt Wardman (Tech)
4. Mike Rouse (Con)
5. Grendel (Con)
6. The Huntsman (Right)
7. Liberty’s Requiem (Right)
8. John Redwood MP (Con)
9. Libertarian UK (Libertarian)
10. Cornerstone (Right)

This is very much a personal choice and reflects the new blogs I regularly look at. Having said that, since the book was compiled Libertarian UK seems to have come to grief. The link just gets a blank page.