“Dr.” John Reid is to quit the House of Commons at the next election, whenever that may be.

I am not surprised: his political life is over, given the apparent mutual antipathy between himself and The Town Rat Catcher. If the latter wins the next election, there will still be no place for him in government and if Labour succumb, then he plainly has no taste for a possibly lengthy stretch on the Opposition Benches sucking up to The Unctuous Little Squirt Milliband or whoever inherits the mantle.

Will we miss him?


He will only ever be remembered for having had more jobs than a work-shy benefit junkie and for some daft remarks about how the working class loves smoking and drinking itself to death.

Beyond that he will scarcely leave a ripple on the pond. In ten years time we will struggle to remember what he looks like. Such is the cruelty of politics, if you reach for the bunch of grapes and the wind blows.