The BBC has now got around to reporting the fact that Sir Menzies Campbell QC is of the view that he can duck his party’s manifesto commitment to hold a referendum, thus joining the ranks of the dishonourable along with his chum and neighbouring MP Gordon Brown.

Yesterday Zimmerman’s position was that the Constitution Mark II was ‘sufficiently different’ as to justify such a discreditable retreat from the LibDem manifesto of 2005. Today the Old Buffer is saying that the new treaty is a “comparatively minor treaty”. If he thinks that a Treaty which Gordon Brown is having to fight tooth and nail to defend against the activities of the EuroNabobery who are trying to whittle away as much of Britain’s position as they can, a treaty that removes at a stroke 60 British vetoes on major policy areas, a Treaty that establishes an EU with all the indicia of a sovereign nation state is “a comparatively minor treaty”, then he really has lost it.

The BBC goes on, however, to report how he wants to have a referendum on the whole issue of our membership of the EU:

“If there is to be a referendum it shouldn’t be restricted to a comparatively minor treaty. It must be a decision about the EU as a whole.

“Let’s have an honest debate on the European Union followed by a real choice for the British people. That means a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU.

“We would ask the British people the big question – whether to remain in the European Union or not.

“I will lead the Liberal Democrats at the forefront of that debate.

“We will make the overwhelming case for Europe and trust the people to make the right choice.”

So The Pensioner has begun to play Gordon Brown’s game all right. They know that the issue of whether or not we have a referendum in which the British People will have an opportunity to give or to withhold their whole-hearted consent to this latest major transfer of power is not going their way, so now, even in advance of such a referendum, they are trying to turn it into the wider issue of the principle of our membership of the EU, an argument they believe they can win by frightening everybody with the usual lies about loss of jobs, loss of trade, loss of influence and the like (though one might caution them: be careful for what you wish!).

By so doing the Old Boy hopes to make any referendum on the Treaty de facto a referendum on the EU itself. And, by the by, improve his CV for when the post of EU Foreign Minister comes up and a grateful Gordon Brown nominates the man who saved his neck for appointment to that particularly nice little earner with a fat pension tacked on the end.

It is vital that those who wish to stop the EU dead in its tracks over the Constitution Mark II do not get distracted by such an idea as this, as it is precisely what they want: something which they can use to terrorise the British people into ovine submission so that they, the elite, may lead us yet deeper into the perma-slime of the EU. It is absolutely vital that we keep the argument on the referendum to the narrow issue of what is now proposed, no more and no less. Only when the result becomes clear should we even begin to contemplate looking further ahead.

Sadly the dunderheads of UKIP have fallen straight into the trap:

UKIP leader Nigel Farage welcomed Sir Menzies’ call for an “honest debate” on British membership of the EU.

“I have believed for some time that the only referendum that Gordon Brown will ever consider would be one with the new Constitutional Treaty as continued part of our EU membership.

“Brown believes that this is the only referendum on the EU that he can win.

“The parliamentary arithmetic means that if the Lib Dems support such a move it would give the British people their first chance in over 30 years to determine their own futures.

“I would be interested to hear which side in such a referendum Mr Cameron would support.”

Like a bear with very little brain, UKIP blunders along the slippery duckboards up the path towards the pot marked ‘Hunny’ and then falls straight into the big bear trap full of wooden stakes that lies athwart the track. It is all so pitifully and pathetically predictable.

Farage should look carefully at what my old chum Salmond the Salami Slicer is up to in the northern mists: cutting the Union to death by a thousand cuts. So far Salmond is playing an absolute blinder. Farage on the other hand wants to try and lop the EU’s British head off with one mighty blow. Talk about trying to bite off more than you can chew.

That is simply to play into the hands of the EuroPhiles whose line is going to be ‘this referendum is really about our membership of the EU’, hoping to goad Cameron into some injudicious statement that they can then use against him (in the usual ‘lurch to the right’ way). We must not let this happen.

If we can get a referendum on this treaty we have a real chance at delivering a major crippling blow to the EU and Le Grand Projet and all its rotten works. We have a major chance of delivering a clunking blow at this dishonourable and dishonest Prime Minister.

Let us, please, not blow that chance by trying to win the war with one battle.

Those of us who want to save our country from the maw of this grotesque 1950s behemoth must be highly disciplined: follow the Salmond method, deftly cutting slice by slice by slice.

It may take longer but death is quite assured.