David Cameron must be spitting blood if he is watching the Television News Channels. As I write Margaret Thatcher, a short while after expressing her pleasure at being called a ‘conviction politician’ by Gordon Brown, has just arrived in Downing Street for tea.

What a propaganda coup that is for Brown and how Cameron will be seriously miffed, even if publicly he makes light of it through gritted teeth.

It will be interesting to see what is made of this extraordinary event. I cannot, for myself, evince any enthusiasm at seeing this great Lady with such a dishonourable individual, but on the other hand if she advises him to throw the towel in on the referendum, then every cloud may be said to have a silver lining.

Still, if he is prepared to seek and take advice from Lady Thatcher, it reveals that he has some commonsense. Perhaps he is asking what he should do with those pesky Unions as he faces his very own ‘Winter of Discontent’. But I confess that I had never thought to see such a sight.