When Gordon Brown, liar and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, told us that all the so-called ‘red lines’ had been met and that there would be no effect caused by the Constitution Mark II upon the conduct of foreign policy by Her Majesty’s Government, you could be forgiven for thinking that this assertion was based on a careful reading of the gobbledegook text to which Vanity Blair signed us all up in June.

We now discover that the Treaty was so utterly incomprehensible that even the Greeks inside the Trojan Horse that is the Foreign Office failed to read and understand the text properly. The Times reports (here) that the FCO has just discovered the fatal flaw in the Treaty which is that, when you join up all the dots, the EU will have control over our Foreign Affairs. It is, of course, being dressed up as arising from a first draft of the Treaty Text and therefore something ‘new’ since Vanity Blair dashed off his signature in June on The EU Constitution Mark II, but, as I say, if you joined up all the dots it was there in black and white.

Now the FCO is at panic stations having realized they managed to sign away Britain’s right to conduct its own independent Foreign Policy (and thereby any need for their jobs, which is what may now be animating them so much) in favour of the EU Foreign Minister.

That they did not understand this to be the case from the word ‘go’ reveals in stark clarity just how dangerous this whole exercise is and how little care has been taken by the Government in ensuring that their own red lines are to be maintained, let alone the very Independence of our nation.

The worrying thing is: what other matters has the FCO managed to let Blair sign away of which they remain in complete ignorance? It really beggars belief that their scrutiny of the document which Blair signed was insufficient to guard against just this sort of elementary error. Of course Blair was so busy buffing up his legacy all over the world that it comes as no surprise that he paid insufficient care to the detail of what he was signing away, but the FCO has no such excuse. Instead incompetence rules the day.