Perhaps the struggle to get a Referendum has just claimed its first casualty. As the Daily Mail (here) and others report today, the unelected EuroNabobery is throwing in the towel on the issue of our wish to keep such exotic means of measurement as the pint and the mile. Now the matter is to be left to our own government to decide.

One suspects that trying to suppress the freedom to buy a “pint o’best” or to walk a crooked mile might prove too permanent a reminder of the power of Brussels to force us to do things we do not want to do, not least because the beerage would inevitably take the abolition of the pint as a weasel way of jacking up prices once more. So the EU has backed off, to pursue the Great Project by other means. For once the Little People have won a battle, after decades of struggle. We should salute the Metric Martyrs.

How soon can we expect a statue to commemorate their stand?

On the other hand, should we now expect our own government to try and do their dirty work for them? After all they seem to hate our history most of the time and it was not the EU which started the process of metrication but Harold Wilson’s Labour Government of 1966-70 before we ever agreed to go into the Common Market. One suspects that our own officials will be smarting this morning but sitting thinking how to do the job themselves tomorrow.

I have nothing against metric measurements. I now think in Centigrade not Fahrenheit which is a particularly dotty system and I reckon houses by square meters not rooms or square feet, but I am comfortable with acres or hectares, miles or kilometres and pints or litres. Why not let us choose which to use?