Just a short note to keep readers abreast of the latest sign of the revival of the potential Russian threat to our security and a reminder to our dunderhead political class to keep a good firm watch on the back door rather than Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Telegraph (here) and The Times (here) both have the story of eight Russian TU-95 ‘bear’ bombers emerging from the north to approach UK airspace, with the result that four RAF Tornados had to be sent up to intercept and turn them back.

The purpose of such flights is undoubtedly to test our reaction times and ability to mount such interceptions and, no doubt, to monitor the electronic traffic that would be associated with such an exercise, from higher command and control traffic to the ground to air utterances of controllers and controlled.

Why would a foreign air force need to conduct such an exercise? In order the better to mount an attack in time of war is the answer.

If Russia is a friendly power, therefore, why does it need to conduct a series of such exercises which have only one purpose, which is to test our defences the better to overcome them in time of war? The only reasonable inference is that Russia sees us and the rest of NATO as being its potential enemy and is training its forces accordingly. We should take note of this and reinforce our armed forces accordingly so as not to get caught with our pants down.