According to the Herald (HERE), the Scottish “Government’ is putting its policy on a referendum on ice for the moment.

By all accounts the SNP, once a supporter of a referendum because the Constitution gave full control (even fuller than you thought it already had!) over British Fisheries in Scottish waters to unelected Bureaucrats in Brussels, is now unsure if it wants a referendum and if there was to be one, which way it would campaign if there was a referendum.

Perhaps this is because they have yet to work out which result would best serve their aim of getting independence. If so, they are remarkably stupid because one thing is abundantly clear, if they left the Union tomorrow, any ‘independence’ they might achieve would disappear upon the coming into force of the Constitution of the EU in January 2009, given that Vanity Blair’s Treaty will vest all the institutions of a Sovereign Independent State in the EU at that time. Scotland will merely be one of many regional administrations (forget the word ‘government’ for no prospective competition to that title will surely be allowed in Emperor José Barroso’s Empire). And that would be the end of that.

If they want independence then they should honourably campaign for a referendum on the EU Treaty. After all, why should they be in favour of one for Scotland but not for the UK, a position that would be both illogical and dishonourable? There seems little point in achieving independence, only to be swallowed as a sardine would be by a whale.