Gordon Brown, liar and British Prime Minister, is not the only one to engage in shameless and bare-faced mendacity when it comes to the EU Constitution. Now the Italian Interior Minister Guiliano Amato has dropped a whopper.

Forgetting, perhaps, that he has been exposed by some gallant whistleblower boasting how he and the rest of the EuroNabobery has pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes in foisting the wretched constitution on us anew by making it unreadable (see here), Signor Amato has offensively intervened in the argument over a referendum, according to the Independent (here) :

Giuliano Amato, the Italian Interior Minister, who also helped to draft the constitution, said there was a “crucial difference” between the original constitution, which would have been a “new start” for the EU, and the treaty. “If someone in Britain is calling for a referendum, that is not because the text we have in front of us is a constitution, it must be for some other reason and I for one would not support it,” he said.

Having made it plain that they had dressed up the original Constitution to look like gibberish so we, the little people, would not understand it, he now has the brass nerve to lie brazenly about the nature of the text and wade into our internal politics to lecture us about how it is not a constitution. Gordon Brown would, if he was protective of our interests, tell this Italian to shove off. He will not, of course (a) because he is gutless and (b) he does not want to offend his new chums.

Mind you, things must be desperate for the Brown Junta if it needs repellent EU Trade Commissioner Mandelson to step up to the plate for it, as the Telegraph reports (here). Mandelson, another Labour Liar, is clearly reflecting the terror amongst the EuroNabobery that Brown might have to cede on the issue of a referendum on their wretched Constitution, a terror brought about by the realization that if he does so, the game is well and truly up for them and their anti-democratic schemes, for not only will it sink their ship in mid-ocean, but, they fear, will open up the prospect of one of their main paymasters leaving their rotten little club. So Mandelson is forced to bite his tongue and come out in support of his arch-enemy, which must have made even this hardened shyster squirm a bit in embarrassment.

Finally the same report also brings us news of our favourite Prussian, Elmar Brok, Labour’s very own pet Hun, whose latest contribution is particularly succinct and to the point:

“We will have a treaty. The UK will have no referendum and we will get a better Europe.”

Again one might complain at the interference this represents in our domestic politics, but the most important thing to notice is the use of the word “we”. No messing about here: “we” (that is the EuroNabobery) are going to get their way, so you lot can take a running jump.

If in Elmar Brok’s Diktat you cannot hear the crunch of the jackboot on the gravel of the path to your door, might I suggest a quick visit to the NHS for an ear syringing session?