Not every Scot is thrilled to have the lawfully-named Scottish Executive ‘rebranded’ as The Scottish Government. One such is Gordon Brown, liar and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, who has set the attack dogs on to Smiling Alex Salmond (see The Times)

Sadly this is yet another case of a genie which has been let out of the bottle which it will be impossible to undo. This Salmond knows and is another example of the way in which he intends to slice the Union Salami, slice by slice, until there is nothing left.

What it also reminds us is that Mr. Salmond, who has yet to reply to The Huntsman’s open letter about Nationality (see here), is a class operator who has the ability to leave Labour (and Scottish Labour in particular) flat-footed and choking in his slipstream every time. Each time they appear to have just about caught up, off he goes again, leaving them wheezing and gasping in his wake.

As I remain, for the moment, a Unionist, I am disturbed at the poor show that the main opposition to Independence is putting up to the SNP. They seem to be blessed (if that is the right word) on a leadership and a rank and file of stupefyingly poor quality that they are unable to make a better fist of it.

Were it not so serious one would take pleasure from Brown and The Scots Junta being impaled so firmly on the sharp stake that Devolution has proved to be. After all, Devolution was supposed to sink the Nationalist ship for ever and a day, ensure permanent Labour hegemony in Scotland and continue for another fifty years at least the practice of sending Gadarene Swine to railroad Labour laws through in The House of Commons. That has spectacularly come unstuck.