There was a foreign gentleman on the Wireless today who was talking to the Today programme about the rules concerning the taking onto aircraft of various liquids by passengers and how these need to be amended or even repealed. He made the quite extraordinary allegation, which was so astonishing and outrageous that, coming from a foreigner as it did, I can only assume was a dastardly and wicked plot conjured up in the recesses of some hostile European Chancellery to smear Her Majesty’s Government by the making of a scandalous and disgraceful slur upon its honesty and honour.

The gentleman was introduced as Ignasi Guadans, “a Catalan MEP”: surely he is a Spanish MEP who is elected for a constituency in Catalonia, a region of Spain? But then, of course, the BBC is the EU’s biggest propagandist and third greatest friend in the UK after a small clique of Labour politicians and the Foreign Office.

He made the allegation, and I blush with shame at repeating so scurrilous a suggestion, that the legislation was pushed by Her Majesty’s Government to the EU specifically so that it could (a) evade scrutiny by Parliament and (b) so that if we electors should be so unwise as to complain about the restrictions, the Government could blame it all on the EU as a Euro Diktat that had to be implemented by HMG. He even had the nerve, mind you, to call it a ‘typical case’ suggesting that this was not the first time this Government has resorted to such things, of getting the EU to take the flak instead of HMG. He even called it a piece of ’secret legislation’. Fancy that: what an amazing and terrible thing to say of the EU and HMG, that they should have colluded in this way.

It cannot be true, can it?