Pro Referendum Rally

This morning brings, as mornings have a doleful habit of doing these days, a new threat to our freedom with the proposal by Lord Justice Sedley that anyone who either lives in or visits the UK should have their DNA taken.

Before we examine this idea for a moment it is as well to recall that the Learned Judge is no relic of the Jurassic age, brimming with Fascist ideas. As a Barrister he was a member of a set of chambers noted for its espousal of left wing causes and representing clients of that ilk. He himself acted, quite honourably, no doubt, within the constraints of the ethics and etiquette of the Bar, for many such clients. But one doubts he ever found time to represent the likes of a BNP or a Huntingdon Life Sciences or a Landlord of low-class tenanted housing or whatever the current or former ogres in the Lefty Pantheon are.

As we have learnt with the present government, the left has an enthusiasm for installing all the measures and impedimenta of the Police State. It may be that they have benign intentions when so doing, yet it is not difficult to see how a government that was not benign might use them. Take ID cards with every last detail of you, your health, your private life, your driving record, where you have driven your car, where you shop, where you bank, your voter registration record on a chip (which you will be forbidden from examining you may be sure). Salivating authoritarian governments all round the world must be looking with interest at the technology and software that is to be introduced to set up the baleful apparatus of the ID card in this country, once a land of the free. Secret Policemen from Pyongyang to Caracas, Hanoi to Teheran, Havana to Harare, Moscow to Beijing and Minsk to Rangoon must wake up in the night in Onanistic frenzy at the mere thought of being able to lay their hands on such wonderful, magic stuff which will enable them the better to control their populations in bovine serfdom.

Now along comes the good Lord Justice Sedley, who you may recall, is supposed to keep his judicial snout firmly out of politics, to propose, controversially, that even if you come here on a day trip you shall have your DNA taken and stored for ever and a day on the off chance you might do a bit of bank robbery whilst you are here.

For the rest of us, there will be a visit to some demeaning Orwellian Room where a menial Jobsworth will take your DNA sample and issue you with your chip, just like Farmer Giles’ herd of prize Friesians. And if he has been at the sauce all day, he might just get your details mixed up with those of the serial rapist they had in an hour ago. Great.

Just think of how the queues at Heathrow can be expanded, at a stroke? What a wonderful welcome for our tourists! Open wide! What a wonderful day for yet more Jobsworths to be added to the Government Serfdom payroll!

And what a wonderful day for any government that is not benign and bent on a bit of genocide. No need to go through all sorts of silly checks to find out someone’s race: just check the database. Hendrik Verwoerd’s Apartheid suffered from ludicrous arguments about who was and who was not a coloured or a black or a white or an Indian: here is the answer. Adolf Eichmann, clerk to the Genocide Nazi State, would have found his job so much easier: Are you a Jew? The database says you are 1/256th a Jew, so it’s off to the camps for you my son. I’m your friendly neighbourhood Eugenicist: the database says you might produce defective children and we can’t have that, can we?

This proposal is made against a background of a government that has presided over a succession of IT failures such as the Tax Credits imbroglio, the Child Support Agency fiasco and the Farm Payments cock-up that did so much harm to our long-suffering farmers. This government and probably no government could be trusted to get an IT project, even of modest scale, right. A project of this kind is doomed to failure even before it had left the lips of the Learned Judge (who is supposed, as I say, to keep out of politics) and fell upon an unsuspecting public.

The real reason for this sinister and dangerous suggestion from this unelected, yet formerly politically committed, official? Tucked away in the detail was the complaint that a disproportionate number of people from ethnic minorities are on the existing (already burgeoning) database, and we cannot have that can we? Even if, Heaven forfend, such people actually proportionately commit more crimes than other sections of our society…..

This government is gradually installing all the apparatus of the police state into our laws and our lives, with its ID Cards, its internment without trial, its subversion of the fair balance as between alleged offenders and the oppressive powers of the state, its Monitoring Cameras, its desire to chip us and our children like cattle so that they can control us the better.

Let us just say no to this deeply alarming and dangerous idea.

Resist Now!