Pro Referendum Rally

We have heard this all before:

The Prime Minister revealed that he had told Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, and Nikolas Sarkozy, the French president, that he will use the “nuclear option” of a national vote if they try to force his arm in final negotiations next month. Mr Brown knows the warning will have carried weight because the likely result – a No vote from the British people – would throw the European project into turmoil.

(Daily Telegraph here)

Oh yes, we have heard it all before, from John Major and Tony Blair and various mendacious Foreign Secretaries and assorted duplicitous Diplomats. Yes we have heard it before, most often shortly before the white flag is run up and the same stout parties collapse in a heap after being handbagged by the very same Merkels and Sarkozys they have just threatened. The fact is that no one believes these threats and no one takes a blind bit of notice because they all know that when push comes to shove the maker of the threat wants to be seen as being acceptably more communautaire than he or she is a staunch defender of British Independence. In short they know that the likes of Major, Clarke, Brown, Blair, Straw, Beckett, Cameron, Milliband are just UK versions of cheese eating surrender monkeys.