There was a delicious moment on Today this morning as Alex the Salami Slicer Salmond was confronted by an eager (and fellow Scot) James Naughtie about the proposition that the SNP budget was about to unravel and reveal an enormous black hole into which the SNP was about to fall and disappear. Salmond parried the blow but Naughtie whipped out what his thought was going to be the knock out blow. Citing a report by a Scots academic (concerning which see here) that ‘revealed’ the said black hole the conversation went thus:

“Professor Arthur Midwinter, who is not a Labour Politician…..”

“Well actually he used to be a Labour Councillor”, replied Salmond aimiably.

This was followed by an indignant spluttering by ‘independent’ Mr. Naughtie who plainly did not care for his sly trick being so effortlessly popped by the doubtless smiling Mr. Salmond.

A moment to savour.