The Empire continues to advance its control over our lives. Any who doubt what the ultimate purpose of the Constitutional Treaty Mark II is should read this article from one of the world’s great newspapers, The Yorkshire Post (HERE) and also EU Referendum’s entirely apposite comment thereon (HERE)

One thing which sticks out is the refusal of the Quislings in the Foreign and Commonwealth office even to obfuscate on this occasion instead of resorting to the usual whoppers. They know full well how this will play: very badly. People of a certain age still smart at the removal of their handsome Blue Passports and their replacement by the red ersatz version which tells each and everyone of us that we are now ‘EU Citizens’, a status that we have neither sought nor want and permission for which no Government has ever nor will ever have the courage to seek.

When we awake on the morning of 1st. January 2009 to discover that the EuroNabobery has been and stolen our country from us, aided and abetted by the Brown Junta, one wonders how the formerly free people of these islands will react.

Perhaps they will need more than some mere railings outside No. 10 to resist the righteous anger of the British people whose birthright is so casually being stolen.

I now fully understand, I think, those who have fought for the liberation of their lands from the rule of outsiders, however benign the governance, and their willingness to resort, when all else has failed to the weapons of last resort, such as civil disobedience and the taking up of arms against the oppressor.

In our case it would be unlawful to take up arms against the UK Government (but not, I think, against the EU) but civil disobedience is quite another matter. When people wake up to what has happened I believe there will be very considerable anger and who knows how that anger will express itself.

Meanwhile certain defeatists are forecasting that we will fail to get the referendum. In addition some believe that, as the issue is one on which the Tories cannot lose (if there is a referendum, this would be a massive U-Turn by Brown and a victory for the Tories; if there is no referendum the opprobrium attaches entirely to this dishonourable P.M.), the Conservative leadership is not pushing as hard as it might actually to secure a vote on the Treaty.

If so, that may be the point at which 150 years of Toryism in my family comes to an end.