According to the Bruges Group, the UK hands over £114,000 every minute of every hour of every day to the EU for it to spend on keeping Greek Goat farmers in business and Lady Mandelson in Fat Cat perks.

Or put another way, every 8 hours and 47 minutes every man woman and child in the UK hands over £1 to the EU for it to fritter away.

How long will it be before the Conservative party pledges itself to sign up to an annual cost/benefit analysis of the EU as has been proposed in a bill going through the Lords at present?

I am not holding my breath.

The inevitable result of such an analysis (which will show how we are being looted to pay for all manner of wasteful stuff) will undercut the Conservative party’s “in Europe but not ruled by it” stance and raise the whole issue of our membership of the EU, something which the political elite (on all sides, as if by unspoken agreement) is not even prepared to mention let alone discuss.

Might it just be that, with a resounding ‘No’ vote in a referendum on the Constitutional Treaty Mark II, the Tories may yet find themselves choking on their cornflakes?