Stop whingeing about Scots cash,
labour leader tells English

So runs a headline in today’s Times (article here). It seems that The Town Rat Catcher’s Chosen Woman and new Junta member Wendy Alexander has inveighed against the English who have had the temerity to complain about the Big Bribe that we pay for the privilege of keeping Labour in seats in Scotland (amusingly we can no longer talk about keeping Labour in power in Scotland since her predecessor so spectacularly blew that one in May of this year). Ms. Alexander seems to think that the fact that, according to the Scottish Executive figures, the Government spends £1236 more on every person in Scotland than it does in England, is of no account whatsoever. After all, says Crony Lady, that could be said of London subsidising the North-East.

She thinks we should look to the bigger picture of two countries “sharing risk, revenue and resources”. The message is: stop whingeing.

Well if she thinks that feather-bedding Scotland just so Labour can have a better shot at staying in power, whilst we have no say about how it is spent and whilst the Scottish Parliament could raise a fair chunk of this cash for itself by upping local tax rates, is going to last indefinitely, then I suspect that she is going to be disabused of the notion before long.

She has seriously misjudged the mood of the English People who will not put up with this rank unfairness which is no more than a major annual and (at present) open-ended bribe to the Scots to go on voting Labour. It should be removed as soon as possible and the Scots be made to pay their fair share of the national cake. If that means they have to raise taxes, so be it: welcome to the real world of having to pay your way. That way Scots might be turned from a land of welfare and hand-out junkies into one which starts to pull its weight again.