One must, above all, remain positive on the matter of a referendum on the EU Constitution. It is so unthinkable that we do not eventually get a referendum that one’s mind will not brook the idea of failure. At the moment all the signs remain good. Yet I wonder if we have failed to factor in The Town Rat Catcher’s (who he? I hear you ask: why Gordon Brown, of course, for that is the only job up for election after the EU marches in) ability to dig in and weather the attack. He is showing absolutely no sign of surrender as yet.

It is plain that he is engaged in the business of trying to stave off defeat on the issue. Over the weekend it became apparent that as many as 120 Labour MPs may be planning to defy The Town Rat Catcher and vote for a Referendum when the matter is before Parliament. These self-same Labour MPs, it must be noted, are not acting out any desire to prevent the EU from completing its coup d’etat against the status of the 27 members of the EU as Sovereign Independent States, merely against the extent of it.

They, of course, can be bought and they know their man. They know that he is an appeaser and a doer of deals, the more secret the better. They know full well that, given the right circumstances, he will buy them. They sense a weakness in his position and have been swift to the point of having the ruthlessness of a pack of hyenas in moving quickly to seize a haunch or two. This, according to the Daily Telegraph (HERE) is their shopping list:

  • Keep policing and criminal justice away from the European Court of Justice.

None of us opposed to the EU in principle will cavil at anything which can be kept out of the deathly embrace of the ECJ

  • Prevent the court using EU competition law to undermine public services.

This is a classic piece of the sort of thing that goes to make up a constituent part of the perma-slime of the Socialist EU. If EU Competition law should happen to act in such a way (and, of course, EuroPiggies might canter down the runway at Heathrow and fly to the moon), and make our public services efficient and cheap, know then that many Labour MPs are against that.

  • Scrap the new post of EU foreign policy chief and the EU diplomatic service.

Well done, boys and girls, join the club!

  • Member states to regain international aid budgets.

Let us have our international aid budgets back so we can waste them good and proper, not in the half-hearted way the EU does.

  • Scrap rules that allow EU leaders to introduce majority voting into new areas without the need for treaty changes.

Well done, boys and girls, join the club!

  • Drop plans for further extension of majority voting and stick with the provisions agreed in talks on the Nice Treaty in 2000.

Well done, boys and girls, join the club!

  • Drop plans for a list of areas where the EU “shares competence” over policy with member states.

Well done, boys and girls, join the club!

  • Return powers over regional spending to national governments.

Whilst superficially this is a good idea, one would like to see the small print: does this mean that they see a way to bribe their way to Regional Government of the UK (and thereby a means of side-stepping the whole West Lothian Question by dividing us to rule us)? It has that rank smell about it.

  • Enable the Government to “automatically” deport foreign criminals.

It is evident that they realise the grave harm this whole issue has done to them: they have understood that the Chindamo case has made them (and Jack Straw in particular) look very foolish and careless, given that the law on which his Judgement was based was signed off by Straw and subjected to no effective scrutiny by Parliament.

  • Scrap plans to deprive national voting rights if they breach EU economic rules.

Just imagine proposing to France that she be deprived of voting rights when they breach the rules governing the Euro……

  • Abandon plans to give Brussels the power to determine composition of the European Commission.

Well done, boys and girls, join the club!

  • Retain national veto over trade agreements relating to public services.

An essentially protectionist measure, but who could oppose preventing us from deciding our own policy on this.

Whilst one commends them for some things they oppose, one should make it clear that in so doing one is only happy that they understand how lethal these things will be for the UK’s sovereignty: one would rather we were totally disentangled from this mid-20th. century’s dinosaur’s grip.

You may be sure that other demands will be forthcoming as, in the way of all bullies and blackmailers, they begin to sense that the tide is running their way. Other things they hate will discreetly be advanced as worthy of the chop and just as discreetly, for the moment anyway, they will get it. That, however, is unlikely to be the case with the twelve demands above, as the Daily telegraph reports (HERE), with the notorious Elmar Brok observing:

“The European parliament is worried about the exact extent, definition and consequences of the opt-outs.

“The extension of majority voting in crucial policy areas, particularly in justice and home affairs, will strengthen the fight against terror and cross border crime. Regrettably Britain has got an opt-out from the policy area of justice and home affairs.”

Anyone doubting what this exercise is all about should pay close attention to the words “crucial policy areas” in the foregoing quote: the EU is not going to rest until it has seized control of our every last vestige of power we have to run our justice system and control what goes on in our country.

That The Town Rat Catcher may be bought and sold, often at great expense to the public purse, is further evidenced by preparations which are being made to cave in to the Unions over Public Sector Pay upon which several newspapers have reported in recent days. It should come as no surprise that the Unions have opened a wholly new front in favour of a referendum on the EU Constitution, this one based on making the depth of the perma-slime of EU Socialism ever greater, the effects of which will be to make this country (and the other 26 members of the EU), even less competitive as against the emerging Tiger economies. Ramping up public sector pay, will have the usual effects of requiring to be paid for, with higher taxes or cuts or both. Just like the 1970s, of which era the Town Rat Catcher is a living fossil.

Another suggestion has been doing the rounds, which smacks of panic, is that The Town Rat Catcher is desperately hoping that someone else will vote against this treaty and thus sink it for good, or so he hopes. At the moment only Ireland is going to have a referendum and the pressure will be on them, not least with all the threats to the juicy handouts that Dublin gets as Danegeld every year. Hoping that someone will fortuitously come along and throw a huge lifebelt into the water is really the counsel of despair. And even if someone does come along, we should never give up our quest for a Referendum. Regardless of what any other country may want, we should demand our say on this appalling Treaty.

Hopefully, the ranks of Useful Idiots will continue to throw up the likes of Gary Titley –by – name, Titley – by – nature who plunged his foot firmly into his mouth by declaring in a debate with union leaders:

“The RMT union is arguing that the UK has opted out of the Charter of Fundamental Rights. This is wrong.”

The final suggestion as to how to get rid of the Referendum is to hold a General Election on a manifesto that says ‘No referendum’, to win the election and then say there is no commitment to hold referendum. Well, that might seem like a clever idea on paper. Yet to do so this way would see the Labour party descend to new lows of dishonour as they weasel their way out of a manifesto commitment and any such election may yet become principally an election on the issue of a referendum. That would be a catastrophe for Labour. The British Public can see though that wheeze in a moment and will not take to it at all. It would be the ultimate gift to a David Cameron campaigning on a referendum.

Meanwhile, the LibDems are making sounds as though they would like a bit of democracy according to the Daily Telegraph (here) . It seems as though the LibDems, not always the brightest of buttons on the shelf, are worrying about inroads which the Conservatives might make against them if they are seen to oppose the Referendum and oppose democracy, particularly in the south of England where they might face being punished by the voters for their anti-democratic ways and continuing Onanistic Europhilia.

So, what news from the front? Well, a bit of a mixed bag: a few hundred yards of ground gained here and then but rather more smoke on the battlefield than normal.

Yet still a sense that things are moving in the way of allowing us to have our say.