Rod Liddle opines (here) today on Paxo’s biting of the hand that feeds him at the annual MacTaggart lecture at the Edinburgh Festival.

Paxo is, rightly, unimpressed with the BBC which has many features with which to be unimpressed. Paxo understands, however, that which Liddle does not, which is that the BBC Licence Fee (or The Television Tax as it should, properly, be known), is hopelessly outdated and will soon have to be replaced as a means of paying for the BBC (though it is unclear with what). Liddle says that changing the BBC is down to us, the viewer:

“The public, not the likes of Paxo and Marr, will force the networks to clean up their acts.”

Sadly that is not going to happen whilst the BBC is funded by a compulsory Tax which those who wish to watch television have no option but to pay. This the BBC knows. This the BBC also believes will go on for ever as they calculate that no politician has the guts to reform them nor any political party the guts even to threaten to reform them.

Only abolition of the Tax and the break up of the institutionally leftist BBC will draw its poison.