Meanwhile more than 80% of the electorate wish to have the right to give or withhold their whole-hearted consent to the Constitutional Treaty Mark II which Vanity Blair may have left as a well-concealed booby trap in Downing Street for the man he and his tinselly, gimcrack wife love to hate. This is the finding of an ICM poll in the Daily Mail published yesterday. This is a truly remarkable figure, even if one was to lop 3 or 5% off either side to allow for the vagaries of human beings and their answers to pollsters.

Set against a determined campaign, perhaps the longest and deepest period of Official mendacity, deceit, evasion and duplicity ever undertaken by any Government at any time in the past, this figure is quite astonishing and gives one a great sense that the British people are fully capable of understanding the true nature of this Constitutional Treaty and are not taken in for a moment by the cynical and treacherous lies of this utterly dishonourable Prime Minister and his cohort of fellow-travellers.

It is possible that his continued disgraceful refusal to allow the British people their say on the matter means he is beginning to enter backlash territory. This is certainly one conclusion that might properly be drawn from other figures which lie within the Poll like a poison pill for Macavity and his Labour Cats. For a quarter of Labour voters may refuse to vote for him if he continues to deny the referendum promised by Labour in their last manifesto. Even more worrying for him is the figure of 13% of Labour Voters who are inclined to vote Tory at the next election if he continues to persist in his refusal and the Tories make holding a referendum a manifesto commitment. All of us will be pleased to be reminded that the Labour Party does have a patriotic wing after all, even if it does keep itself hidden for most of the time.

Pro Referendum Rally

The Conservatives now have nothing to lose by making a clear commitment to holding a referendum. This need not be presented as a matter involving Euroscepticism but as a simple matter of honour and dishonour, as a matter of breaching a promise given in clear and unambiguous terms.

In the longer term all of us who believe that the EU is a pernicious and baleful entity which gnaws at the vitals of the UK’s body politic like a vast parasite will take great heart from the message that is given by the final little gem of this poll: 60% of the electorate believes that the EU already has far too much power over us. Clearly the British public has not in the least been hoodwinked by the Government and the FCO’s campaign of lies, dissembling, and obfuscation over this shameful treaty.

We are going to win this battle. We must win this battle.

And so we say to Mr. Brown: why are you not prepared to listen to the people as you promised when you came into office? What do you have to fear from the people?