What is it about Germans that they must try and run other countries all the time?

I ask this because German MEP and Hobbyist Politician Herr Elmar Brok, who as a member of the Convention on the Constitution for Europe and in the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, contributed greatly to the Great Lie tactics, so beloved of his fellow countryman Dr. Josef Goebbels, that have underwritten the rehashed Constitution of the European Union, has decided to lecture the British people about our relationship with Europe.

In an astonishing intervention in matters which are no business of his, he threatened Britain that we must stop ‘moaning’ about Europe or get out.

Herr Brok, you may remember, was last spotted in this matter sneaking up Downing Street in his Jackboots to have a quiet word in Vanity Blair’s shell-like ear before the latter nipped off to Brussels to sign this country away to the EU. It was reported that he was there for several hours, so he must be accounted a fellow conspirator.

Pro Referendum Rally

The tone of this EuroFanatic’s Diktat, as reported yesterday by the Daily Telegraph (HERE), is thoroughly offensive. The fact that Brown feels the urge to have this foreigner pronounce on what Britain should or should not do reveals the depths of mendacity to which this Government has now sunk in its desire to bully and cheat us into surrendering the last of our real power to the EU.

Following the Party Line that this Constitution Mark II is quite different from Mark I (a matter upon which almost everyone else of any significance in the EU strongly dissents), Herr Brok asserts that the UK has got what it wants out of the Treaty process, this notwithstanding that numerous experts have laid bare this particular assertion by demonstrating that all the so-called ‘opt-outs’ are not worth the paper they are printed on.

“The UK got its various opt-outs so what’s the problem? How would it seem to other EU member states if Britain were now to hold a referendum? For me, that would undermine the negotiations on the treaty and even go as far as to question Britain’s credibility as an EU member.

“Britain is a valued member of the EU but we should perhaps remember that the treaty contains an article which gives any member state the right to leave the EU if it so wishes.”

Thus the bullying and arrogant Herr Brok’s enthusiasm for democracy is seen to be scant at best.

Well Mein Herr Brok: we might just take up your offer.

Meanwhile the right of the British People to decide whether this Treaty will be ratified at all, let alone how it will be ratified .

That right, may we remind you, Herr Brok, is something for which a quarter of a million Britons died at the hands of the German people between 1939 and 1945 to ensure. We need no lectures in how to conduct our democratic affairs from you or any other German, thank you very much.