If this story , about how a Ghurkha soldier, one of the ‘bravest of the brave’, has been invalided out of the Army with just £100 as a payoff after several years of considerable suffering consequent upon an accident in which he was accidentally shot during a training exercise is even half true, one senses yet another PR blunder for embattled part-time Defence Minister Des Browne who is currently pre-occupied with fighting Labour’s rearguard battle against the SNP wearing his other hat as Secretary of State for Scotland.

Given the appalling publicity that the Government managed to get for itself over its churlish and dishonourable refusal to let a Gurkha VC holder come to the UK for treatment, one might have thought that they would have learnt their lesson over messing with these fine men who give of such sterling service to the Crown, particularly when the British public, who have long taken these courageous soldiers to their heart, has been so staunch and generous in their support for the plight of the Gurkhas who are routinely wronged by a mean-spirited Ministry of Defence, such that every concession sought to bring their position into line with that of their fellow British soldiers is met with weaselly resistance.

But no, the Defence Ministry, headed as it is by this part-time second rater Des Browne, is content to incur the displeasure of the supporters of these gallant men and of the British Public who are fully behind them.

The shabbiness of the Ministry’s behaviour is difficult to believe. I wish them much grief on this matter.

The Gurkha Welfare Trust is HERE