Some better news arrives.

It seems likely, subject to the dotting of Is and crossing of Ts, that the two recent alarms in Kent and at Chessington Zoo (which Debbie Reynolds, Chief Veterinary Officer, was so coy about on the Box last night) will shortly be confirmed as false alarms. I am so glad for the dignified Mr. Furnival that he and the wider Romney Marsh community can relax a bit. The news about Chessington is also good: given the number and geographical origins of its many visitors, this must have been seriously worrying the powers that be and all farmers.

What astonished me was that the Zoo had not been closed down forthwith for the duration. Given the observation above, if F&MD had been present there, what better way for it to be spread around the whole country than for hordes of people to be tramping round in close proximity to the animals?

But perhaps I have missed something.