As expected Jack McConnell, failed erstwhile First Minister of Scotland, has, not unexpectedly, resigned with immediate effect and for the time being will remain an MSP. He will, however, have a nice little earner to follow, courtesy of the Town Rat Catcher: he is to become the next British High Commissioner to the small African State of Malawi. Wendy Alexander, brother of Douglas and therefore a crony, is tipped as the shoe-in replacement as Labour Leader in Scotland, which will surprise few.

What, pray, are McConnell’s qualifications for the post of Ambassador or High Commissioner?

Labour does not learn does it? This is such a shameful and blatant piece of cronyist jobs-for-the-boys appointment that it frankly beggars belief.

I suppose we must be grateful that he has not been given any where important like Washington or Moscow. He, on the other hand, having trashed Labour’s grip on power in Scotland is probably grateful not be going as Governor of St. Helena.

Are we so bereft of talent in the Diplomatic Service that we have to send used failed politicians to do their jobs? And what sort of message does this send to aspirant Ambassadors in the Diplomatic Service?

Answers on the back of a beer mat, real ale only, please.