The imminent collapse of the coalition government in Poland, famously governed by a couple of somewhat oddball twins, the one President and the other Prime Minister heralds early elections there.

Whatever may be the outcome of those elections, it seems likely that Poland will continue to remain somewhat Eurosceptic in outlook. This for simple reasons of national history that has made it wary of being absorbed into a larger entity in which Poland loses National Sovereignty, a state which it has experienced for more than sixty of the last one hundred years, as part of first the empires of Russia, Germany and Austro-Hungary, then divided between Germany and the USSR by Hitler and Stalin which evolved into a further forty-five years of unbridled post-war Socialism under the yoke of Soviet Imperialism.

What the outcome may yet be remains to be seen. But one thing is clear. Unlike most of Europewhich still retains a large proportion of Socialist and Social Democrat in its body politic, less than one Polish politician in ten is of the left, Socialism being about as popular as having six angry ferrets down your trousers..

This makes Poland a most pleasing place. They after all have had a good hard look at Socialism and understand only too well that it is bad for your wealth, health and freedom. Just ask the gentleman who had a disagreement with a train c. 1988 when the Communists were still in power and the shops were quite empty. He went into a 19 year coma and awoke to find the Socialists had been given their marching orders and the shops were full to brimming with fresh food and consumer goods.

Of course some of Poland’s young folk have not been prepared to wait for the fruits of democracy and capitalism fully to ripen and have come to the UK. By and large the Poles (along with Czechs, Slovaks, Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians) have merged unobtrusively into our population and are quietly getting on with the business of making a living. Unlike some on the right, I welcome these folk, who seem set to make a real contribution to our country by dint of some hard work. It would be interesting to have some statistics on the number of East Europeans who have committed crimes or are on the Social. I bet that would embarrass the Multicultural Party

You go figure it out.