Various Organs of the press are much animated about the video of what was called a ‘Chav Hunt’ conducted by some students at Glenalmond College, near Perth. The BBC’s report, which should be taken with the usual extra large dose of salt and carries a health warning, is HERE.

This, of course, fits the liberal media’s knee-jerk perceptions about Independent Schools. I have to tell them that attacks by ‘Chavs’ (we used to call them ‘oiks’, a far more mellifluous word than ‘chavs’) on public school boys have been going on for years.

I was at Oundle School in the 60s and we were regularly beset by organized gangs from Corby who would come over of an evening, fuelled with whatever cheap, nasty gassy beer they could lay their hands on (probably Watney’s Red Barrel, better known as “Grotneys”) looking for Public Schoolboys to rough up.

On one occasion they entered the curtilage of my boarding house, about fifteen or twenty in all, each very obviously the worse for wear. Fortunately one of the boys in my house was a collector of militaria, so swords, cutlasses and the like were speedily doled out and a deputation went outside to see about the fuss.

The speed with which the Corby lads legged it was a joy to behold. I suppose that these particular thugs had never met determined resistance before and like all bullies they folded at the first deal of the cards. Events spilled out onto the road outside at which point Sergeant Clamping, the town sergeant, came sailing past on his bicycle, head firmly facing the other way. He knew what a serious bit of paperwork looked like and this was it and he was having none of it, so he disappeared off down the street. Meanwhile the opposition was off like so many greyhounds back the way they had come. Collapse of stout party.

I am told that there are still serious problems with local boys coming looking for trouble with the boys and girls of the present generation of Oundelians. Such things, of course, because of the innate prejudice and hypocrisy of the liberal press, never get mentioned, since, no doubt, they are merely expressing their inner selves or whatever psychobabble is currently in vogue.