DEFRA is still trying to peddle the idea that water flows uphill by trying, according to the Sunday Telegraph (HERE) by linking an allotment site where a senior Merial employee has an allotment with the farm where the original outbreak took place by pointing to the fact that a stream which runs through the farm also runs through the allotment.

The only hitch with this idea is that the farm itself is upstream of the allotment. Water does not flow more than ten metres uphill.

What they should contemplate is that this might have happened by a wild animal, probably a roe deer, visiting the allotment, acquiring FMD virus and then moving on to the farm which is less than a mile away.

That, at least is plausible. If DEFRA is trying to use water that flows uphill as an excuse, then one must be forgiven for wondering at their motives for so doing.