Wendy Alexander is the younger sister of Douglas Alexander, Minister for International Development and tasked with writing Labour’s next election manifesto and thus a member of Macavity’s Scots Junta, so it should come as no surprise that she is the choice of Macavity to succeed Jack McConnell, current Scottish Labour Leader and First Minister of Scotland until he was unceremoniously and humiliatingly turfed out of the post when Labour achieved the unthinkable feat of losing power in Scotland after holding it for fifty years and more.

What are Ms. Alexander’s qualifications for this job, apart from her blood relationship with one of Gordon’s Cronies?

Well, I can report to you that, apart from a short period (after picking up an MBA) as a consultant for the exotically named international management consultancy Booz Allen Hamilton, she has always worked in the realm of Labour Policy Wonkism or Academia apart from a short period as a minister in the Scottish Executive from 1999 to 2002, which ended with her storming out of Jack McConnell’s Cabinet.

Here we have another glaring example of how out of touch the elite echelons of Labour are. She has, in effect, never had a proper job which has meant taking real business decisions, looking after real people, dealing with their problems and aspirations. Instead all she has done is play with Labour’s Tin Soldiers in the policy sandbox.

And now she is being touted for the job of First Minister of Scotland. And who said the demise of Blair was the demise of Cronyism?

At least in the old days the Old Labour Sweats had done their time on the shop floor and had had to graft along with real people for a living. Though they came to have many other, rather serious, faults, such as thinking it was they who actually governed the country, no one could ever accuse them of being out of touch with the real world. Who amongst the present lot knows what a shop floor actually looks and smells like?

If you look at them, the answer is not one. Only Alan Johnston has had a real life sort of job as a postman. The rest are all professional policy wonks.

And they are running the country.