Well not so much a ‘shaggy dog story’ as a Two-Nosed Dog story.

One occasionally has to look up smartly at the calendar to check you are not in April Fool’s Day when some items come onto the radio.

This morning Blashers, that’s Explorer Colonel John Blashford-Snell to you, surfaced from an expedition to the jungles of Bolivia with a tale to catch your attention.

This was of the discovery of a magnificent Double-nosed Andean Tiger Hound (I kid you not) which has not one but two super-sized hooters laid side by side for the all world like a fine side-by-side Holland and Holland sidelock.

Not perhaps the prettiest dog one has ever seen, but by all accounts this is a dead ringer for one that the legendary explorer Colonel Percy Fawcett saw in 1913 which produced nothing but guffaws when he told the tale next time he was in his London Club. Vindicated after all these years, he could now report that the present scion of the race is Xingu son of Bella who was seen a couple of years back sporting a similar brace of probosci.

By all accounts a similar hound was used by the Spanish, the Pachon Navarro, a fine hunting hound, and may therefore have accompanied the Conquistadors to South America to help get fresh food. Xingu’s best mate is not another dog but a wild pig called Gregory (I’m not making this up, I swear) and together they put the fear of the devil into the area’s other canines, ruling it with a rod of iron.

I am not sure what the Truffle Hound would make of a dog with two noses, though in her present condition of desire for puppies she is really not going to have, I suspect she would not be too sniffy (sorry!).

But, think of the possibilities. Wouldn’t those drug dealers turn a whiter shade of pale if Customs turned up with a dog with not one but two hooters, both twitching like mad at the thought of all that cocaine? And as for hunting foxes, who would need two of them for a spot of ‘Exempt Hunting’ when you have a hound like that ready to lead you to the North Pole if asked.

Blashers remains a bit of a National Treasure. His latest escapade encompassed the transporting of an old church organ deep into the jungle to give to his hosts on his expedition to find the site of an old meteorite strike.

Who said adventure was dead?