Cat Impersonator George Galloway, of whom we thought we were going to be rid come the next election (so why, you may ask did we ever believe him when he said he was going?), has announced that he is going to head off and be a carpetbagger in Poplar & Limehouse , which borders onto his current Bethnal Green & Bow.

He reckons his recent brush with the Commons authorities (he is currently suspended for eighteen days for various unseemly shenanigans) has inspired him to stand again.

Famously asked if he was proud of ending a black woman MPs career, upon which he exploded in synthetic rage, his new target is a fellow Scottish Carpetbagger, Transport Minister Jim Fitzpatrick, currently the MP of Poplar & Canning Town (there are upcoming boundary changes):

Fitzpatrick J.* Labour 15,628 40.06%
Archer T.J. Conservative 8,499 21.79%
Rahman O. Respect 6,573 16.85%
Ludlow J.I. Ms. LibDem 5,420 13.89%
McGrenera T. Green 955 2.45%
Hoque M.A. Ind 815 2.09%
Smith T. Veritas 650 1.67%
Ademolake S.A. Christian Peoples Alliance 470 1.20%

Electorate: 85,136; Turnout: 45.82%;
Majority: 7,129 (18.27%)

Interestingly the Tories are in second so, on a favourable wind an interesting result might just be on the cards here.

Galloway, who has not yet done with the enquiries over his affairs that led to his suspension from the Commons, will, as I have indicated before, have to negotiate the rocky plains of his participation in Big Brother, the tasteless and repellent reality programme in which he brought himself into disrepute and ridicule by dressing in a leotard and going round slurping milk from a bowl. That ought to be enough to sink most without trace but he has unexpected hydrodynamic qualities.

I really do wonder at times if he has ever heard of Horatio Bottomley…….