One of the key features of the Gestapo state which Winston Churchill so presciently forecast during the 1945 election would be thrust upon us, one day, by a Socialist Government such as we have today, is a system of ID cards.

This proto-Fascist government plans to force all free-born Britons to have such an item from 2009 (and you may be sure will soon respond to anti-libertarian pressures of top cops who see them as a panacea for their lack of enthusiasm for actually investigating crime by making it an offence not to carry them), when they will carry or be capable of carrying every last bit of information about you from your medical records to a full copy of your DNA, so that Minicrat Jobsworths can read at the drop of a cardreader whether you ever had the clap whilst you were at University or once did 31 MPH in a 30 MPH zone and got fined £50 plus points or that you read the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail and subscribe to Shooting Times and Horse & Hound and are therefore pose a serious threat to the safety of the People’s Republic.

Now the selection process to choose companies to run this multi-billion pound national identity card scheme is under way.

Given almost every recent IT project run by this Socialist Government (and, sad to relate the last Conservative Government as well) has ended in utter and abject failure, one has no faith whatever that this one will be any different. So all Libertarians, who understand that this is just a piece in this proto-Fascist Government’s desire to have control of all us as soon as they can, will be overjoyed if this one comes unstuck, as it surely will.

See you at the next Secret Policeman’s Ball.