I assume the following from today’s Times is just Mr. Galloway having a joke:

George Galloway, the Respect MP best known for impersonating a cat on Celebrity Big Brother, has announced his intention to introduce a Bill making it compulsory to muzzle all dogs in public. “Every cat in the world will thank me,” he says, presumably under the misapprehension that felines can talk.

As he has no party other than his own vehicle Respect, I imaging he does not care that he will antagonise every dog owner in the land, even if it is a joke.

The joke, however, will be on him come election time, wherever he stands, as the simply awful pictures of him dressed as a cat in a leotard slurping milk are played over and over again, especially to Muslims who will think this act of abasement to a woman very rum indeed, and to the endless amusement of the electors of whichever unfortunate constituency he chooses to burden with his distasteful presence.

I wonder if he has ever heard of Horatio Bottomley?