Open Europe has pounced on two classic howlers by the Portuguese Censors of the Constitutional treaty, or rather that which they would have us believe is an amending Treaty. Their current version of Articles 4 and 188c(6) of the gobbledygook Treaty that has been cobbled together to pull the wool over our eyes explicitly refers to articles of the original “Constitutional” Treaty. Clearly the cutters and pasters did not cut and paste enough. Well done OpenEurope for catching the Nation Robbers on the job, red-handed, in flagrante delicto, with their pants down etc.

Now we need to watch the future progress of these two articles. The chances of the word “constitution” appearing anywhere in the final text is now…..Zero as The Watchers will have noted this carefully.

Meanwhile two young Portuguese interns are presently sampling the joys of goat-herding in Greece, mumbling the mantra “I must cut, not paste, I must cut not paste” over and over again.

In many ways this little gem is even more revealing of the cynical dishonesty of the EuroNabobery than almost all of the smug comments about how they hoodwinked us all, given that they cannot even be bothered to make a determined effort to remove the evidence of their felony and really do not care whether we see the forensic evidence of their EuroRobbery or not.