Gisela Stuart, the German-born Labour MP who took part in the drafting of the EU Constitution and who recently, in a fiercely critical attack, called upon Gordon Brown to honour his party’s manifesto promise to hold a Referendum on the issue, has returned to the attack, as today’s Daily Mail reports.

Ms. Stuart’s insistence that this promise be honoured is of the utmost importance. She is plainly an intelligent woman, as you might expect of someone who had to tackle the convolutions of Valéry Giscard d’Estaing’s impenetrable magnum opus, and, whilst one may be forgiven for disagreeing with her general political outlook, she deserves the very fullest hearing from us all on this issue upon which she must be accounted an expert.

Ms. Stuart is in no doubt whatsoever as to the very grave and far-reaching implications of the Constitutional Treaty as it is now drafted (and is due to come into force on 1st. January 2009): The revived EU constitution will pave the way for the first European ‘government’ with sweeping powers over Britain, where the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom would be forced to represent the interests of the European Union rather those of the UK.

In addition, she made it clear that the text of the new version of the Constitution provided for the European Council to acquire massively increased powers. The body was originally set up in 1974 as an informal forum for heads of EU member states to meet but under the provisions of the Constitutional Treaty will become the centrepiece and powerhouse of a new Government structure for the European Union with powers to seize control of huge areas of policy which hitherto have been the exclusive preserve of Her Majesty’s Government. Any who doubt this should read Christopher Booker’s excellent appreciations of the central role this body will play in the Sunday Telegraph (HERE) and today’s Daily Mail (HERE).

Ms. Stuart went on to say: “It used to be that leaders met in order to co-ordinate the interest of the nation states. Under this new structure, that body where heads of state meet will become subordinate to the union’s interests. They will now have a duty to represent the interests of the union, not the interests of the member state. It’s a consolidation of the way the union works into a structure which is much more like a government.”

Yet Macavity, Milliband, Murphy, the Cabinet Zombies and others outside the government such as Denis MacShane will go on lying through their teeth about the nature of this Treaty.

I know it is hard work to do so, but I truly wonder if these Quislings have actually bothered to read the document they espouse. We all remember, of course, that other Europhile Ken Clarke’s negligent failure to read the Maastricht Treaty (what else would you expect from someone who is reported once to have said ‘I look forward to the day when the Westminster Parliament is just a council chamber in Europe.’ Council Chamber? We will be lucky to have a free and independent Parish Council if his lot get their way). Had they done so and had they bothered to engage with the plethora of critical analysis that is available, you might think that they would be willing to concede that this is a major and, indeed, wholesale transfer of power that is under way.

Their failure even to consider they might be wrong is alarming.

If we are right and they are wrong, then they will stand condemned forever as no more than a gang of self-serving power-hungry politicians who, shamefully and treacherously, elected to put the narrow interests of party above their duty to their country ands its people.

Those who would place the thrall-ring of EU power around our necks should be well aware that we have very long memories.