Normally one trawls around the day’s media for at least one good news story that takes the wrinkle off the day, but today seems, for whatever reason, to be one of those days when it is all unremittingly gloomy, notwithstanding we are in full silly season mode.

Not even the knowledge that Adolf Hitler’s own personal iPod collection has resurfaced at a Russian Dacha where it has lain unknown by the wider world after being looted by a Russian soldier at the end of the War, can bring a smile to one’s face.

That, as well as being variously a criminal aggressor and serial ravisher of neighbouring countries, especially if small, weak and neutral and a raving anti-semite who sent millions of Jews, Poles, Russians and others to their death, simply for being Jews, Poles or Russian, Hitler was a dreadful hypocrite by dint of having music by Jews and other Russian sub-humans in his collection, fails to cheer one up.

Frankly one is not surprised that he was a hypocrite as well as having all the other character defects of which we know so much, so, whilst the story adds a footnote to history, the enormity of his crimes rather overshadows it.

It reminds one of the numbing information that Macavity’s favourite band was said to be Arctic Monkeyz which news fell amongst us with all the thrill of a fresh cowpat.

Still, there remains yesterday’s JettyDogs (see blog) to thrill with their exploits, so back to yesterday’s news, I suppose.