If one needed any further proof of this Government’s enthusiasm for EU Integration, it can be found in the person of Lord Malloch Brown, lately deputy to the much unlamented former UN Chief, Kofi Annan, and therefore an unashamed and completely uncritical supporter of the United Nations, an organisation that many on the right view with considerable distaste.

The Times reports thus today:

I’m a huge fan of giving power to Brussels, says Brown policy adviser

Britain’s seat at the UN Security Council will eventually be handed to the European Union, Lord Malloch Brown, the Foreign Office Minister, has suggested.

The former diplomat was brought in by Gordon Brown to help to overhaul foreign policy was already under fire for suggesting that Britain and America would no longer be “joined at the hip”.

He faces fresh controversy after it emerged that last October, when he was Deputy General Secretary of the UN, he spoke approvingly of growing EU representation on a visit to Brussels last October.

According to a report by the EU Observer, he told Brussels diplomats that the EU was heading toward one single seat within the UN institutions. He said: “I think it will go in stages. We are going to see a growing spread of it institution by institution. It is not going to happen with a flash and a bang.” He added that he hoped that it would happen “as quickly as possible. I’m a huge fan of it.”

The remarks were unearthed by the Conservatives, who are stepping up pressure on Mr Brown over how far he was prepared to hand control of foreign policy to Brussels.

William Hague, Shadow Foreign Secretary, said: “It is alarming that Gordon Brown has chosen to put in charge of UN reform the man who thinks we should give up our UN Security Council seat to the EU.”

Mr Hague said that the question of Brussels representation at the UN had become a “live” issue in negotiations over the new EU treaty. The Government had tried but failed to delete a clause that allowed the EU to speak at the Security Council on some matters. This failure, he said, helped to show that the new treaty agreed by EU leaders in June was the previous EU constitution in all but name.

The Tories will this week step up the pressure on Mr Brown on his refusal to allow voters a referendum on the proposed treaty. “The new Treaty, like the old, could automatically let the EU foreign minister speak for Britain at the UN Security Council in certain situations,” Mr Hague said.

“This is clearly the thin end of the wedge for an EU takeover of our UN seat. Given that our independent voice at the EU is now coming under threat, the case for letting people have the final say in the referendum they were promised is now unanswerable.”

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office said that Lord Malloch Brown had not been speaking as a minister, adding: “The Government has made it clear that there is nothing in the EU treaty which requires Britain to give up its seat at the UN Security Council.”

Citizens of this country should understand quite clearly where Gordon Brown and his Government want to take us (or, more alarmingly perhaps, do not give a monkeys as to where we are taken) which is into a situation where, as a matter of customary international law, our ability to operate as an Independent Sovereign State is about to be stripped from us.

That this is so is brutally evident from the provisions of the Constitutional Treaty which Gordon Brown wishes to slither past Parliament as a mere ‘amending’ Treaty. The reality is that the creation of an EU Foreign Minister and the ambit of the Treaty make it all but inevitable that our seat at the UN will be seized by a Foreign Power as soon as the ink is dry on the signatures.

Meanwhile, Macavity evades that which honesty and duty demand: a referendum clearly promised at the last election. Well, when it comes to evaluating this Government and its honesty, the British public will be sure to have noted all this.

And when we awake on 2nd. January 2009 to discover our country has been stolen from under our noses, aided and abetted by this Quisling Government, what then?