This story from The Daily Mail today makes one feel infinitely better, for no particular reason other than the pleasure of finding yet another use, however vacuous, for the domestic dog as the above picture of a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever in full flight should tell you.

These are the JettyDogs who leap unafraid of the consequences from jetties into water many feet below, for the sheer hell of it.

Such courage! Such élan!

Mind you The Truffle Hound would never stoop to anything quite so vulgar: the thought of water seems to cause her a mild degree of absenteeism at the best of times, especially when she acquires, from downwind, a little too hound-like an odour and has to suffer the indignity of a bath.

Just remember, as you read this piece, ask yourself: can cats do this?

UPDATE: The obvious answer to my own question has just occurred to me, which is ‘Yes’ but only if powered by a Size 10 boot.