When I started this blog on 13th. May of this year, 85 days ago, I threw myself the ball but I had no idea of where I was going to run with it.

I wrote on that day:

Welcome to my blog which, like any good acorn, has just been planted. In time, may it grow to a great height and size!

I am pleased to say that I am just beginning to get a steady and gratifying increase in traffic to the site, though nothing remotely in the range of ConservativeHome or Iain Dale.

Today I have been pleased to receive what I think is my first link from a national newspaper, having been picked up by The Guardian (HERE) where I manage to be in distinguished company:

Tory blogger Iain Dale reckons deer could be to blame.

Jonathan Miller (not the polymath, but a “recovering journalist”) raises some tough questions for Pirbright. He says it’s the wrong lab in the wrong place (the US equivalent is on an island).


The Huntsman, a libertarian country type, spells out why foot and mouth is a make or break issue for David Cameron. “Does he have the ability to raise the attack above the inevitable accusations of ‘opportunism’?” he asks.

Mr Cameron says footpath closures footpaths should be enforced. This is not something that is going to win him votes among ramblers. The Ramblers’ Association argues that the closure of footpaths helped bankrupt hundreds of rural businesses in 2001.

OK, I know that for someone of my political preferences, one might have preferred another organ to have the privilege, but I am quite proud to have written something good enough to merit a link to a National Newspaper, so to the person who picked it up I say thank you.

To new readers, therefore, I bid you welcome to this place with the hope that you might find something to take your fancy and whatever views you may have or even if you have none, partake of the polemic and if in commenting you get a mild dondering, take it not to heart too much but look on it as the inevitable fallout of the rough and tumble of life. For the most part, though, here you will find some old fashioned courtesy, some of the good things of life and, hopefully, a mix of the serendipitious, the eclectic and the amusing, along with the odd bit of trenchant comment and stern reproof.

And if I can make a modest contribution to some of the causes that inspire me and move me, then I shall be pleased.

I thank you all for passing by this, my quiet country lane. Mind you close the gate on your way out.