According to the Herald (HERE)

The decision to relieve the children of asylum seekers in Scotland of university tuition fees was welcomed yesterday by the ombudsman for young people.

A senior Labour politician had criticised the decision, claiming it could encourage asylum seekers to travel to Scotland or to resist deportation.

But elsewhere there was a widespread welcome for the move, revealed by The Herald yesterday.

It was confirmed that youngsters who have lived in Scotland for more than three years will be exempt from the tuition fees that foreign students have to pay to attend a Scottish university.

This, of course, is English Taxpayer’s Money being used to distribute largesse on a huge scale, money which is cheerfully looted to serve Macavity’s political ends in Scotland from the long-suffering English Taxpayer.

And, dear reader, the children of the parents who pay for this freebie have themselves, because they are English, to pay the full whack.

No taxation without representation, I say. Lets throw a load of Scotch Whisky into the docks in emulation of our Kin in the American colonies.