Regular readers will know of my view that the matter of the Referendum on the EU Constitution (no more of the weasel words ‘amending treaty’) is one of pressing urgency: see HERE as to why I believe that the UK will cease to be an Independent Nation State on 1st. January 2009.

I had been on the point of posting on the need for all the disparate groups and individuals to come under one umbrella to campaign for a Referendum. As luck would have it I am headed off at the pass by Paul Sykes, Northern Businessman, Eurosceptic and philanthropist, as the Sunday Telegraph reports:

A multi-millionaire businessman has issued a rallying call for members of all parties to unite in a campaign to force Gordon Brown to hold a referendum over the new European Union treaty.

Paul Sykes said that the British people had just 12 weeks to stop Britain becoming part of “a new country called the European Union”.

Mr Sykes, a self-made man, philanthropist and eurosceptic, said: “Time is not on our side. If we fail to come together, we will have failed those who look to us for a lead in restoring democracy, we will have failed our fellow countrymen and women, and we will have failed our country.”

He believes that Mr Brown, like Tony Blair, has reneged on a Labour Party election pledge from 2005 to hold a referendum on the EU treaty. Mr Sykes is a founder member and substantial financial backer of Speakout, a non-party-political group which campaigns for repatriation of powers and a referendum on the EU treaty.

Sources close to Mr Sykes say he has spent more than £5 million in the past decade supporting various anti-EU causes.

Mr Sykes said: “Back in the Nineties most of the various anti-EU groups united to form a common front against a common enemy – the single currency. The campaign was deliberately non-party-political, it used some of the biggest names in showbusiness to get the message across to the public and it forced the issue to the top of the media agenda.

“It is time, once more, to form a common front for the various lobby groups, think-tanks and campaigning organisations that give diversity and strength to the eurosceptic movement to combine their energies into a single campaign.”

Mr Sykes wants all eurosceptic groups, including Open Europe, an independent think tank, to join with politicians from all parties and captains of industry. “We need to put our petty divisions to one side and to put the great theological debates on hold. What unites us is much, much more than that which divides us,” he said.

Gisela Stuart, the Labour MP for Birmingham Edgbaston, issued a fierce attack last week in The Sunday Telegraph on her party’s “rubbish” handling of the issue. Up to 40 Labour MPs are pushing for a referendum.

Mr Sykes, 63, criticised the new Prime Minister. “The hope had been that Gordon Brown would be a very different kind of leader to his predecessor, that he would listen to the people and honour his party’s election manifesto pledge which stated quite clearly that any new ‘EU constitution’ would be put to the voters in the form of a referendum. But Gordon has not listened.”

The Labour leadership claims that concessions in the new treaty mean that a referendum is no longer necessary.

He reminds us of one feature of this process which is the very speed with which the process of agreeing the detail of the new Constitution will be completed: 12 weeks.

Why all the haste?, I hear you ask.

Why would the EuroNabobery want to give us enough time to mount a defence against the destruction of our independence when the prize of more power than they have ever had before is within their grasp?

The whole way in which these people have gone about their business is devious, deceitful and utterly contemptuous of democracy, more redolent of stunt a Tyrant like Mugabe or Hitler might have pulled.

We must stop them. So our support must go to Mr. Sykes. SPEAKOUT is here.

United shall we stand against tyranny.